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17-19 Albermarle St, Newtown, NSW


Mon-Sat 10am til 12pm

Sunday 10am til 10pm


Street parking is available around the neighbourhood. Please be sure to refer to signage for restrictions. 


Shannon HUNTER

Phone: (02) 9557 4852


Pouring beers from these breweries:

Newtown's hidden gem. 

In April 1977 the Carlisle Castle Hotel celebrated its centenary, making our humble little pub on the corner of Albermarle and Probert St one of Sydney’s oldest institutions. 

According to old records Resch's built Carlisle Castle in the early '20s importing its magnificent marble bar from Italy in the early days of Australian settlement. Subsequently in 1929 Tooth and Co bought out Resch’s based in Redfern, prompting another sale in 1966 to Darcy and Marie Hassett.


Darcy had run the bar for 14 years, was in the Army as a reserve Lieutenant in the Commando Company and in his spare time had completed more than 100 parachute jumps. For Darcy and Marie – this was their greatest leap - the couple moved upstairs with their four children and the pub remained a family business, with Marie taking the reigns till 1985, Anthony and Sue Hassett taking over until 2007 when the business was bought by four independent stakeholders. The building itself is still owned by the Hassett family and has maintained its homely welcome. 


The building has undergone enormous internal renovations in 1997, with a new Bistro, Poolroom, Courtyard and Bottleshop – but has kept its most endearing quality – the marble bar that adorns the Castle’s traditional entrance. The walls aren’t tiled anymore, but they echo sounds of Newtown locals, the stories of great musicians, artists and friends that have ventured through the halls and shared a drink or two.


These days some say Old Pete haunts the Carlisle Castle, a disgruntled employee from the 90’s – with a penchant for red wine. Footage recovered in 2014 shows a mysterious wispy figure, wine bottles flying off the shelves and glasses launching onto the bar. It seems this pub is full of all kinds of spirits, but why sit there wondering - come check it out yourself. 




This is how we Roll…

This is how we Roll…